FRINJ Theory: Goleta-based coffee company expands

California may seem like an odd place to grow coffee.

But it once was weird to make wine here, and if Jay Ruskey gets his way, coastal Southern California may become coffee country too.

His company, Frinj Coffee, is closer to a winery experience with a couple new developments.

Frinj is hosting  a farm tour and tasting experience at Good Land Organics, Mr. Ruskey’s farm and Frinj headquarters.

Frinj supports 70 farms from Goleta to San Diego. It provides the plants and processes the crop post-harvest.

Among the farms is Carpinteria’s Rancho Delfino. Owner Mike Masino recently received a cupping score of 93 (on a 100-point scale) for his new harvest of Geisha coffee. The result is a cup of  Joe with flavors of honeycomb, bergamot and vanilla cola (so says the label).