Rancho Delfino

Let's Get Technical
Farm: Rancho Delfino
Farmer/Farm Manager: Mike & Baba Masino / Angel Serrano
Orchard Plant Date: October 2015
Tree Count: 400
Varietal: Geisha, Puerto Rico, Caturra
Harvest Season: June - October
Layout: Interplanted with Hass Avocados
First Harvest: June 2019
First Roast: March 2020


Above sandy coastal bluff and earthy taupe hues stands Rancho Delfino. An exquisite place where the Ocean’s omnipresent beauty weaves together family, flora, and fauna.  “Delfino” derives from the Italian namesake for the majestic and wise Dolphin, a name which three generations of Masino men have proudly carried into the daily steppes of life’s vicissitudes.  Today, Delfino is the home to husband and wife team, Mike and Baba Masino.   Here the two cultivate a polycultural fruit farm consisting of Haas avocado, passion fruit, dragon fruit, banana, apple, orange, and coffee. 

Few wild microclimates in California are as ideal for coffee as those found in the Carpinteria township. It is a lucky shrub that is blessed to be planted in the pristinely sheltered confines of Gobernador Canyon.   A place where heavy wind and temperature extremes carry no commerce and do no business.   Where on orchard floor one can finger through gorilla hair mulch atop a rich dark sandy loam beneath the stacked function of the Avocado leaf litter providing fertile micronutrients for the Masino mycorrhizae.   The fruits grow in the West Northwest facing region of the land.  Sharing habitat with Black Bear, Bobcat, and other Carpinteria natives who like to wander along the Gobernador fresh water spring,