Estate Blend, Badger & Son

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Let's Get Technical
Farm:  2 farms located in Rancho Santa Fe
Farm Manager:  Badger & Son 
Location:  Rancho Santa Fe, California 
Varietals:  Caturra Rojo, Puerto Rico, Geisha
Harvest Date:  July 1 - Aug 19, 2019
Process:  Washed

Tasting Notes

Buttery, lemon, dark berry sweetness and herbal as it cools

Sale price Price $75.00 Regular price

Roasting occurs on Mondays and orders are shipped within 2 days.

The Badger & Son family has been farming in Rancho Santa Fe for over a century. They are largely responsible for this area's thriving lemon industry and today are leading the way in developing coffee as its next crop. The coastal hillside's early morning fogs allow for coffee cherries to mature slowly, resulting in a deliciously sweet berry cup with an undeniable lemony acidity. The Badger & Son team have the touch and instinct to make coffee the next historic crop for this hidden gem of a town.

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