Good Land Organics, Caturra

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Let's Get Technical
Farm: Good Land Organics
Farmer/Farm Manager: Jay Ruskey / Griffin Hall
Orchard Plant Date: 2002
Tree Count: 3000
Varietal: Caturra 
Process: Washed
Certification: CCOF Organic


Candied lemon, bright grapefruit acidity, and a sweet touch of pomegranate

Sale price Price $50.00 Regular price

Please note: Coffee is shipped within one week of ordering and within 2-3 days after roasting

Good Land Organics' Caturra has proven itself year after year. Debuting in 2014 by landing a top 30 spot for Coffee Review, this coffee is balanced and clean, has bright acidity and a lasting sweetness as it cools. In fact, this sweetness is our most consistent claim to success with coffees grown in California. We've learned that our beloved Caturra's cup profile is representative of both this farm and our burgeoning region.

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