Rodriguez Family Farms, Bourbon

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Let's Get Technical
Farm:  Rodriguez Family Farms

Owners/ Managers:  Christopher and Sarah Rodriguez

Location:  Oceanside, California
Varietals:  Bourbon & Puerto Rico
Harvest Date:  May-August, 2020
Process: Washed

Tasting Notes

Guava, Plums, and Tamarind

Sale price Price $50.00 Regular price

Please note: Coffee is shipped within one week of ordering and within 2-3 days after roasting

Christopher and Sarah are raising their 7 children on their family-owned and run farm, Rodriguez Family Farms. The farm is located in the South Morro Hills area of Oceanside, California and is layered with various crops, including coffee, guava, passion fruit, avocado, citrus, and several honey-producing bee colonies. They currently are tending to over 1,000 coffee trees, of seven different arabica varietals, contributing to an undeniable complexity in each cup. 

About Rodriguez Family Farms