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Let's Get Technical
Farm:  Good Land Organics

Farm Owner:  Jay Ruskey

Farm Manager:  Alison DiFiori
Location:  Goleta, CA
Varietals:  Laurina
Last Harvest Date:  Sept. 17, 2018
Expected roast date:  May 15, 2019

Tasting Notes

Sweet, juicy, fruity, cookies, spice, a touch of mandarin

Sale price Price $95.00 Regular price

Story behind the bean

Laurina, also known as Pointed Bourbon, is a dwarf mutation of the Bourbon family that was selected form a farm in Reunion Island for its unique nature of possessing half the caffeine typical to the arabica species. This particular island in New Caledonia happens to be one of the most southern latitudes coffee is being cultivated, making it a natural fit for the latitudes of California production. It has a history of only being accessible to the elite, and today is still difficult to find on the market as it is not yet widely cultivated.

In the California climate, the Laurina produces steady yield and has wonderful resistance to wind and cooler temperatures. It has a uniquely conical shape, making it look like a Christmas tree when full grown. Good Land Organics has been producing this varietal since 2011, making this varietal in its peak production and quality years. A cup from this varietal is indeed a celebration, but one that you can celebrate all year long. 

There a very limited amount of bags available for this release.