Good Land Organics, Laurina

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Let's Get Technical
Farm: Good Land Organics
Farmer/Farm Manager: Jay Ruskey / Griffin Hall
Orchard Plant Date: 2002
Tree Count: 3000
Varietal: Laurina 
Process: Washed
Certification: CCOF Organic

Tasting Note

Sweet, juicy, maple syrup, lemongrass, and chamomile flower

Sale price Price $50.00 Regular price

Please note: Coffee is shipped within one week of ordering and within 2-3 days after roasting

Laurina, also known as Pointed Bourbon, is a unique coffee varietal. In the field, it catches your eye with its compact and conical vegetative architecture. The dense layer of tiny leaves hide its large pointed cherries deep within its core. This cherry ripens to a deep burgundy red, which translates to a complex cup profile portraying a rich sweetness and a touch of spice.   The most outstanding characteristic of the Laurina is that it naturally contains half of the caffeine typical to the rest of the arabica species, lending it to be a perfect evening treat.

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