Mraz Family Farms, Harmony Blend

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Let's Get Technical
Farm: Mraz Family Farms
Farmer/Farm Manager: Jason Mraz / Justin Jonte
Orchard Plant Date: September 2015
Varietal:  Geisha + Cuicateco
Process: Washed
Tree Count: 2800

Tasting Note

Black Cherry, Dark Chocolate, and Orange Zest

Sale price Price $50.00 Regular price

More Info

Harmony Blend from Mraz Family Farms is a delicious pairing of two rare and distinct varietals: Cuicateco and Geisha. The complementary complexities sing of black cherry, dark chocolate, and orange zest.

Jason & his Good Vibes Farm Team often connect with the magic in life through the awareness of harmony. Whether in the music studio or the coffee orchard, the artful interconnected co-arising of seemingly distinct and separate parts balance life's many pursuits. To the storied history of great coffee blends, we proudly submit this medley of regenerative farm craft underscored by the alchemy of roasting for a uniquely harmonious cup.