Quail Haven

Let's Get Technical
Farm: Quail Haven
Farmer/Farm Manager: Chris Calkins
Location: Encinitas (Leucadia), CA
Tree Count: 500
Varietals: Caturra Rojo and Geisha
Last Harvest Date: Aug. 29, 2018
Go to Market: 2019


Tasting Note

Candied fruit, maple, lemon merengue with a juicy body and sweet finish

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Farm Info & History

Quail Ranch is the first San Diego commercial coffee farm - ever - to be harvested. This historic moment is indeed one to be savored. It is commonly known that new orchards first harvest is not reflective of its maximum potential for quality. However, our first taste of it left us saying WOW.  Cupping notes showed wonderfully tropical red fruit aromas layered with a rich bouquet of flavors contributing to its candy like sweetness. It was even called ‘Geisha like’ and although it was processed washed, it could have convinced us it was processed naturally.

The excellence of this farms coffee can be attributed to many factors: such as the dedication of its owners and management company, Mellano & Co. But, not to be overlooked is the performance of the soil itself. This particular property sits in a historic coastal growing area of San Diego, that was once the primary region for the production of crops such as avocados and flowers.  Quail Ranch sits 420 feet above sea level at the top of a mesa overlooking the coast. We are very excited about sharing this coffee in the years to come and with hope, this crop will define this brand new region's typical cup profile.