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Meadow Farm, Caturra RojoSanta Barbara, CA

Coffee Varietal: Caturra Rojo
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Cherry, and Black Currant
Size: 1 lb (454g) or 5 lbs (2.27kg) Bag



Meadow Farm:

The Gabler Family has resided at Meadow Farm in Hope Ranch, Santa Barbara, California for twenty-five years. When Jose Yanez joined our family as Farm Manager, our combined vision was to create a verdant, diverse, and productive ecosystem where family and friends would enjoy the beautiful landscape and the delicious “fruits of our labor”. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean on south-facing slopes, Meadow Farm features a vineyard of chardonnay grapes, fruit trees, organic vegetable gardens, avocado groves, and acres landscaped with roses, lavender, sage, and many flowering and native plants. It is also home to honey bees, five horses, two ponies, and two miniature horses as well as three pet pigs, chickens and a rooster named Skipper, whose joyous call awakens us all for our first cup of morning coffee! We were first inspired to try growing coffee as an accent to the avocado orchard and soon expanded our plantings of the beautiful shiny leaved coffee bushes with the beautiful red cherries that are so unique and distinctive. It is a true joy to see these plants grow and thrive in the sunshine and to watch the progression of their fruit from green to bright red, knowing that one day they will be rich, roasted cocoa brown and bring joy as delicious coffee.

“I definitely will recommend Frinj coffee to my friends and anyone I know because of its flavor, because it’s grown sustainably, grown in Cali, and because of its background of how it got started.”

— Fredo, Julia, Juan & Lily

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