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Mraz Family Farms, Harmony BlendOceanside, CA

Coffee Varietal: Harmony Blend
Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Dark Chocolate, & Fig
Size: 5 oz (140g)

Harmony Blend from Mraz Family Farms is a delicious pairing of Caturra Rojo, Cuicateco & Pacamara.

Jason & his Good Vibes Farm Team often connect with the magic in life through the awareness of harmony. Whether in the music studio or the coffee orchard, the artful interconnected co-arising of seemingly distinct and separate parts balance life’s many pursuits. To the storied history of great coffee blends, we proudly submit this medley of regenerative farm craft underscored by the alchemy of roasting for a uniquely harmonious cup.




Mraz Family Farms:
Jason Mraz

Back in 1999, Jason started his music career singing in coffee shops. Although he’s graduated to much larger venues all over the world, he still finds comfort in neighborhood coffee shops when he’s lucky enough to have downtime on the road.

In 2004, Jason purchased land in North County San Diego in the historically agriculture-rich region of San Luis Rey Valley, first farmed in the 18th century by Spanish explorers. He intended to start a compound to serve as a home to musicians and artisans to cultivate music, community, and craft. After a decade of stewardship and good farming practices, the land became affectionately known as the Mranch, blossoming into an organic, multi-layered food forest. In 2015, with the help of family and friends, Mraz Family Farms was established to produce a diverse array of organic fruits in a sustainable and conscientious fashion. At that time, they planted their first coffee trees and teamed up with FRINJ Coffee to grow high-quality, single-origin varietals for serious coffee enthusiasts.

“I definitely will recommend Frinj coffee to my friends and anyone I know because of its flavor, because it’s grown sustainably, grown in Cali, and because of its background of how it got started.”

— Fredo, Julia, Juan & Lily

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“I can not wait to have it every morning.”

— Debbie Jo Cousins Pope