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Mraz Family Farms, Songbird Blend

Coffee Varietal: Caturra Mix
Tasting Notes: Asian pear, berry, and peach

The Songbird Blend from Mraz Family Farms is a delicious mix of their Caturra varietal harvested over several months. This blend sings of summer berry, peach, and asian pear. Jason, Justin and the Family Farm Team understand that the hard work of growing cherries is rewarded by the quality of life on the land — the fresh air produced by the diversity of plants, the scent of jasmine in the coffee flower, and an ever-sustaining symphony of music performed by the native wildlife. This artful interconnectedness arising of seemingly distinct and separate parts balance the year long efforts to produce a new crop. To the storied history of great coffee blends, we offer this medley of patient, regenerative farm craft enhanced by the alchemy of roasting for a superb and sound cup of coffee.


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Mraz Family Farms:
Jason Mraz

Jason & his Good Vibes Farm Team often connect with the magic in life through the awareness of harmony. Whether in the music studio or the coffee orchard, the artful interconnected co-arising of seemingly distinct and separate parts balance life’s many pursuits. To the storied history of great coffee blends, we proudly submit this medley of regenerative farm craft underscored by the alchemy of roasting for a uniquely harmonious cup.

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