Bourbon, Good Land Organics

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Let's Get Technical
Farm:  Good Land Organics

Farm Owner:  Jay Ruskey

Farm Manager:  Alison DiFiori
Location:  Goleta, CA
Varietals:  Bourbon
Harvest Date:  May - June, 2019
Expected roast date:   September 9, 2019

Tasting Note

Dark fruit, bittersweet chocolate and marshmallows. 

Sale price Price $75.00 Regular price

Story behind the bean

This year’s Bourbon is a blend of a selected cultivars planted on our farm over 17 years ago. Pacas, Mundo Novo, Tekisic and Puerto Rico have been selected by breeders across the world for their quality cup and productivity. We have hand-picked these to create this blend and the result is an engaging cup that lingers sweet, is complex and memorable. It reminds us of one of the purest joys of our youth, throwing us back to enjoying s’mores with family and friends. It is an excellent choice for pairing with a rich dessert or starting your day off with a sweet treat.