Valley Heart Ranch, Pacas

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Let's Get Technical
Farm: Valley Heart Ranch
Farmer/Farm Manager: Kirsten and Darrell Becker
Orchard Plant Date: October 2017
Tree Count: 3385
Varietal: Pacas
Process: Washed
Layout: Full-sun stone terraces
First Harvest: April 22, 2020
First Roast: October 28, 2020
Certification: CCOF Organic

Tasting Note

Cocoa butter, white grapes, and hints of honey clover

Sale price Price $50.00 Regular price

Please note: Coffee is shipped within one week of ordering and within 2-3 days after roasting

This Pacas varietal from Valley Heart Ranch is our first offering from
Darrell & Kirsten Becker.  Nestled between mountain and sea, this
organic orchard is composed of 5 acres of coffee growing on fertile
loam soil layered by beautiful stone wall terraces. The dynamic cup
quality carries a tasty sweetness of white chocolates along with a
buttery mouthfeel and a tight balance of a lemony citrus reminiscent of a Riesling.  We expect Valley Heart Ranch to set new standards
amongst the upper echelons of the coffee world for a long time.

About Valley Heart Ranch