Estate Blend, Quail Haven

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Let's Get Technical
Farm:  Quail Haven

Farm Owner:  Chris & Diane Calkins

Farm Manager:  Mellano & Co.
Location:  Encinitas (Leucadia), CA
Varietals:  Caturra Rojo, Geisha
Certification: Certified Organic CCOF 
Harvest Dates:  June 18 - August 12, 2019
Process:  Washed

Tasting Notes

Candied lemon, agave finish with a touch of floral and sweet lychee

Sale price Price $75.00 Regular price

Roasting occurs on Mondays and orders are shipped within 2 days.

Quail Haven sits 420 feet above sea level at the top of a mesa overlooking the coast. Their orchard is primarily planted with Caturra, with only a handful of Geishas. The cup portrays the lasting sweetness we know and love from California Caturras and also hints of floral and tropical delicacies. This year's crop was notable given the youthfulness of this orchard and we are very excited about sharing this coffee in the years to come.

About Quail Haven