Jeff Stoike is a native of southern California and grew up in San Diego. He has worked in sustainable agriculture for 20 years from various vantages, including small-business start-ups, academic research, and federal policymaking. Jeff co-founded a ‘farm-and-table’ restaurant and a coffee importing and roasting company while living in Athens, GA. He then embarked on graduate research in agroforestry and the ‘restoration economy’ in Panama and Brazil. Jeff developed a climate philanthropy initiative at the Urban Institute, and was working on foreign assistance at the U.S. State Department as a Science and Technology Policy Fellow through the American Association for the Advancement of Science. More recently, Jeff has been consulting on various projects that are close to his heart in the realm of sustainability, strategy and climate change.

Jeff has a BA from UC Berkeley, an MSc in Ecology from the University of Georgia, and a PhD in International Sustainable Development from the Yale School of the Environment.