Kristen Ruskey grew up in the small town of Tehachapi, CA and was privileged to be able to ride and compete on show horses growing up. Most visitors to FRINJ ask Kristen if she always planned on getting into agriculture and coffee and her answer is NO! But a background of having open spaces and animals helped her to love the agricultural lifestyle. Kristen’s role at FRINJ is in fruit sales for the Good Land Organics brand, as well as coordinating tours for FRINJ. Kristen is responsible for giving people the experience of our farm whether it is through in person visits or direct mail! Kristen is also responsible (with Jay) for raising the next generation of dancers, farmers, and bankers (or at least that’s what the kids are into for now). Kristen’s favorite part of the coffee experience is seeing the transformation of the palette from drinking coffee purely as morning fuel and elevating it to a fine food and beverage experience. Her secondary love of coffee is the caffeine of course! Kristen is a mother of 3, during a pandemic, while working on a startup company and operating a farm!