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January 02, 2019 | San Diego Business Journal

S.D. Coffee: Wake Up, And Smell the Profits

A couple of years ago, Jay Ruskey, a seasoned California farmer, tapped San Diego to grow high-end coffee that he and his team believe will sell for around $15 a cup. Today, there are approximately 30,000 coffee trees planted in […]

October 30, 2018 | World Coffee Portal

How Frinj is planting the seeds for California’s coffee growing industry

Frinj Coffee is building the first commercial coffee growing industry in the continental US and earning a reputation for excellence among specialty coffee shops along the way. Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder, Lindsey Mesta, speaks to World Coffee Portal about […]

September 21, 2018 | STiR

Growing Coffee on the Frinj

Jay Ruskey walks among his coffee trees, pushing back branches in search of ripe cherries. A broad-brimmed hat shields his eyes from the bright Southern California sun on this warm June morning. He finds two ripened Caturra Rojo cherries and […]

August 01, 2018 | Modern Luxury

Fertile Grounds

DURING A SCANT THREE-WEEK STRETCH LAST DECEMBER, and for the jaw-dropping price of $16 a cup, coffee connoisseurs could go to their nearest Blue Bottle to purchase pour-over coffee that had been brewed from beans grown in the rarest of […]

February 16, 2018 | NPR

Eureka! California-Grown Coffee Is Becoming The State’s Next Gold Mine

In most coffee shops, you can choose a cup of joe brewed with beans from countries like Ethiopia, Colombia, Costa Rica and Yemen. Now, a new crop of coffee growers is working to get coffee brewed from California-grown beans included […]

December 11, 2017 | Daily Coffee News

Blue Bottle Selling California-Grown Coffee for $18 Per Ounce

In a triumph for fringe specialty coffee, Oakland-based roaster Blue Bottle Coffee has announced its first release of California-grown coffee, which comes from experimental fruit and coffee farm Good Land Organics‘ new coffee business, Frinj Coffee. GLO Founder Jay Ruskey […]

June 07, 2016 | Angel's Cup

Good Land Organics: Growing Coffee in Cali

We all know good coffee grows near the equator. Ethiopia, Kenya, Colombia, Guatemala, Panama. Aside from a few outliers like Hawaii, it doesn’t grow further north than southern Mexico. And for the most part it grows in poor countries. The […]

June 03, 2016 | Food52

Could Coffee Be the Next Wine of California?

There is coffee growing in California. And if this elicits a whaaa? sort of reaction from you, you’re not alone. Sarah Henry told me that so many have asked her after looking at her book, Farmsteads of the California Coast […]

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