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Best coffee I have ever tasted! I really enjoyed the Geisha from Valley Heart Ranch its floral notes & strawberry flavor!


“I definitely will recommend Frinj coffee to my friends and anyone I know because of its flavor, because it’s grown sustainably, grown in Cali, and because of its background of how it got started.”

Fredo, Julia, Juan & Lily

“I was blown away overall by the tour experience at Good Land Organics. From the demonstrations to the knowledge and kind- heartedness of each staff member… I was really impressed. One thing that stood out was the generosity of the group. Everyone was wanting to share knowledge and even share extra food/coffee with us guests. My perspective is very limited, but it looked like the Frinj family was running on the same wave length and it helped to see everyone working together with joy.”


“Great tour at Good Land Organics. Everyone was very friendly knowledgeable with all the questions asked.”


“The experience I had went beyond my expectations, I expected a really good experience, but it was really really really really really really good! it was awesome!!! The pace was just perfect, we were not rushed, we had plenty of time to listen, look around and just enjoy what we went for + more.”

Fredo, Julia, Juan & Lily

“I can not wait to have it every morning.”

Debbie Jo Cousins Pope