We are building California's coffee industry from seedling to bean.

34° 28' 25.248'' N , 119° 55' 12.108'' W

Our story began at a small family owned and operated farm in the hills of Goleta, California called Good Land Organics. In 2002, Jay Ruskey, agronomist and farmer, planted a trial crop not traditionally grown outside the tropical region: coffee. With a dash of crazy, hope and instinct, Jay made his way into the world of specialty coffee by allowing the cup to lead the way.

As consumers gained appreciation of the craft of coffee, the market made room for rare and specialty coffees such as those grown in new and unique places. Simultaneously, California farmers faced increasing production pressures from the existing avocado market. As Jay had found success in inter-planting his avocados with coffee, he realized the opportunity this crop had to benefit California agriculture.  

Frinj Coffee, Inc. was incorporated in 2017, setting out to provide California farmers an opportunity to diversify their farm portfolios. Today, we support a growing number of farms in coastal southern California. Our science-forward services span from production to post-harvest to product marketing, ensuring excellence from the field to the cup.

One of our greatest assets is our location. Although we sit 18 degrees north of the tropics, we also sit right in the middle of a coastline riddled with world renowned agricultural universities, thriving technology hubs and just over the hill from where pioneer farmers began the California wine industry. These outside perspectives have shaped our approach to coffee. And for these reasons, we are leading the way for California in becoming a coffee growing innovation center.   

We will be debuting Frinj farms' coffees to the world, and we are honored to do so. Sometimes we pinch ourselves thinking of how far we’ve come and where we are today. Thank you for being part of our journey. We look forward to sharing a cup of coffee with you soon.

Good Land Organics

California's first coffee farm is now the flagship farm and headquarters for Frinj Coffee, Inc. It is the home of our production trials, breeding program, milling operation and coffee lab.