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FRINJ Catuai Rojo Coffee Trees

This coffee plant originated from plants grown organically in the hills of Santa Barbara, the home of California’s first commercial coffee farm. With just a little sun, moist soil and occasional feeding this tree will make a wonderful houseplant that can be grown in any climate or region. In a few years, this tree will produce wonderfully jasmine-like blossoms and in its place will develop a coffee cherry. When ripe, it will be lusciously red, plump and sweet to taste. The two seeds inside each fruit start its journey in becoming what we know as coffee. Enjoy the experience of coffee’s journey and welcome to our network of California Coffee Growers!

*For optimal growth, re-pot into 3-gallon+ pot with adequate drainage*

SUN: Bright, Indirect sunlight
LOCATION: Indoors (well-lit room); Outdoors (frost free) WATER: Every other day, keep soil moist but not drenched FEED: Regularly, balanced NPK and micronutrients
SIZE: Full maturity in 3-4 years
PRUNING: As needed, not necessary until fully mature

*All Coffee Tree plants ship within a week of ordering.

These plants are all Catuai Rojo variety.