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Author: Arthur Rumaya

August 11, 2021

Badger & Son: Farm Story

Raymond Badger moved to Rancho Santa Fe in 1923 to manage the budding town’s 8,000 acres of virgin farmland. The many clay soils of the Ranch were a challenge he took head-on. After some experimentation, orange trees took over the […]

August 10, 2021

UC Davis: Coffee Sensory Summit 2020

 UC Davis Coffee Center hosted its annual Coffee Sensory Summit this past weekend. Three years ago, Dr. Juan Medrano and Dr. Allen Van Deynze became the first geneticists to create a reference genome for Coffea arabica. Dr. Juan Medrano, […]

August 08, 2021

The Flower Fields: Farm Story

The Flower Fields is a product of horticultural craftsmanship, a legacy to three longstanding flower families, a cultural emblem of Carlsbad, and an artistic display of nature. The location, rising nearly 300 feet from the southern California coastline, has been […]

August 07, 2021

Quail Haven: Farm Story

Last season, Quail Haven was the first San Diego commercial coffee farm – ever – to be harvested. It was a historic moment and the result was one to be savored. Cupping notes showed wonderfully tropical red fruit aromas layered […]

August 06, 2021

Mraz Family Farms: Farm Story

ORIGIN STORY Back in 1999, I started my music career singing in coffee shops. And although I’ve graduated to much larger venues all over the world, I still find familiar comfort in neighborhood coffee shops when I’m lucky enough to […]

July 28, 2021

Good Land Organics: Farm Story

Good Land Organics is the first commercial coffee farm in California. It is nested in the hills above Goleta, CA, overlooking a majestic view of the Pacific Ocean. Jay Ruskey began farming this land over 25 years ago. This organic […]

July 27, 2021

Ocean View Farm: Farm Story

Ocean View Farm is the first partnering farm to expand coffee growing along the Santa Barbara coast, about 10 miles south in the town of Carpinteria. Sitting just a few miles up from the coastline, a dozen varietals, sourced from […]

July 20, 2021

5THWAVE: Frinj is planting the seeds for California’s coffee growing industry

We are excited to be part of Allegra World Coffee Portal’s first edition of 5THWAVE, a publication sharing the latest inspiration and thought leadership from the businesses shaping a new era of coffee. You can find our article on page […]

July 19, 2021

Travel tips: Help prevent the spread of coffee pests

Many major plant pests and diseases have been introduced to the USA by travelers unknowingly bringing in infected plant material or personal items. The purpose of this journal post is to educate persons traveling to coffee growing regions and visiting […]